Cash without cash where to look

The debt of Poles is enormous. As available data indicate, almost 2.5 million people are in the KRD. Total debts amount to less than PLN 45 billion. What to do if we are in a group of debtors and need an injection of cash. What does a loan without BIK look like and who can get it?

Loans for those in debt

Loans for those in debt

Hitting debtors’ databases, such as KRD (National Register of Debtors) or BIK (Credit Information Bureau) is not difficult. You can find in them, among others for: unpaid loan installments, unpaid utility bills, unpaid invoices or as a result of court debt collection.

Entry in the register of debtors usually prevents obtaining a loan from the bank. On the non-bank loan market, however, there are companies that offer loans without BIK. These are non – bank loans for those in debt. Under what conditions are they granted?

Cash without BIK – conditions for granting

Cash without BIK - conditions for granting

In the case of loans for debtors, the borrower’s current financial situation is a key issue. To obtain such support, you must have a stable source of income. At the same time, they must be high enough for the borrower to repay his liability without any problems.

It is worth knowing that non-bank loan companies that offer payday loans without BIK may actually check the registers of debtors, but when deciding whether to grant a loan, this does not play a decisive role.

Therefore, everything really depends on the solvency of any borrower at the time of taking the loan. So, in fact, this is not the end of the loan without checking KRD and BIK, however, listing in debtors’ databases simply does not exclude the possibility of obtaining the necessary cash.

Non-bank loans – income verification


How is income verification carried out by non-bank companies? For this purpose, one of the leading loan companies, EasyKredyt, uses a special system, which, apart from identity verification, also analyzes account history. In this way, the company knows if any revenues regularly flow into the account. Using the system is completely secure.

However, if we do not want verification through the system, Ursula Brangwen also offers another interesting solution, which are loans for GIRO checks, where cash is collected at the Post Office or at a branch of a Post Bank, and identity verification is carried out using an ID card. This option is especially beneficial for people who have an account occupied by a bailiff.

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