Credit Disclaimer – new BIK service

May 11, 2018 The Credit Information Bureau has activated the new service. Credit Disclaimer allows you to secure your data in BIK. This is to prevent abuse when incurring financial obligations. Consequently, criminals will have a difficult path to extorting loans or credits. Provident is one of the first companies that cooperates with BIK as part of the Credit Claim. 

What is the new BIK service?

What is the new BIK service?

The Credit Information Bureau is launching a new service. Credit Disclaimer aims to eliminate the situation when criminals with stolen data extort loans or credits.

What is this about? The financial institution that has joined the Credit Claim system, while verifying the application, checks whether the person applying for the credit product has reserved their data in the BIK. If someone submits an application for secured data, the bank or loan company will receive information about an active reservation. The result – no payout.

Important – enabling the Disclaimer does not guarantee full security of personal data. The service will work when the financial institution is a BIK partner under the Credit Claim.

How does the Credit Claim system work?

How does the Credit Claim system work?

The procedure for enabling a reservation is not complicated. First – activate BIK Alerts, then log in to your account and enable the service. Information about activation goes to the system. Entities that participate in the BIK service verify that the consumer claiming his credit has reserved his data.

When the proprietor wants to take out a loan, he switches off the service. Importantly, as long as the Credit Disclaimer is active, no BIK partner can grant a credit commitment for secured data.
Service cost:

  • Credit reservation under the BIK Alerts service – PLN 24 / year,
  • Credit reservation and additional services – PLN 99 / year.

Provident – as one of the first to launch a Credit Disclaimer

Provident - as one of the first to launch a Credit Disclaimer

One of the first institutions that joined the system is Provident. This is the largest loan company in Poland. Annual loans amount to PLN 2 billion. Provident has been operating on the Polish market since 1997.

In addition to the aforementioned BIK Credit Claim, the institution also uses the Safe PESEL system. The solution allows free security of a PESEL number to people who do not want to use non-bank products.

“Credit Freeze works successfully in Anglo-Saxon countries – USA and Great Britain. The Polish equivalent, i.e. Credit BIK, is a relatively new product. The idea of ​​the system is a nod towards the consumer who wants to protect his data against criminals who want to extort a credit or loan, said the commentator.



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