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Accumulation of loans, eg. we have never considered a quick loan as a good idea, but there are situations where there is simply no other solution and one has to borrow another loan so far.

Join in our direct lender loans, no third party

Such can be an unexpected expense, such as replacing a defective household appliance or repairing an error, as the installers have to pay. Such problems are usually not in the order of millions. So the amount you spend on them is not too high, but there is a limit to go and other factors to consider. In such cases, you can be very helpful in picking up a quick charge.


Direct lender loans with no third party available via are a solution in this case, as they are easily accessible and their terms can be easily fulfilled. You can apply for quick debit after 18 years of age, with valid identity documents or valid, declared, Hungarian addresses, and you need to have a valid, permanent income, and the certificate cannot be older than one month and the employment is less than three months! However, there is a further condition that has to be broken down into two parts and linked to the JTM, ie the income-based repayment installment.


The JTM examination should be made when all new loans in excess of 200,000 HUF are taken. For the new loan, you must also calculate the repayment installments of any outstanding loans of the customer. So if you want to buy more than 200,000 forints, and you have a loan with repayment of more than 50% of your income, your answer is not; in this case, you can’t pick up a quick charge.


However, if the amount you want to pick up is less than $ 200,000, or the installment of your old and new credit is below 50% of your income, then we have great news: you can solve your financial problem!


If you want to pick up a quick charge, look at your options carefully and then choose the one that best suits your needs! Make a comparison with our site and contact us if you have any questions.

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