Do Poles borrow less thanks to 500+?

Provision of 500+ is certainly one of the largest social programs initiated by Law and Justice. Learn more about the 500+ Program.

Initially, the provision of 500plus aroused a lot of controversy, but in the end it caused a lot of supporters to the ruling party. No wonder, since, as numerous studies indicate, the standard of living of Poles has risen, and many families have “revived” financially.

It is worth taking a closer look at this phenomenon


And try to understand it. What in practice is the 500+ program, what are the effects of its introduction, and how did it affect the material condition of Polish farms. We will try to answer these and many other questions in the text below.

After the government support from year to year report thousands of Poles in bed. This is not surprising. Funding for the second and each subsequent child is in some sense “free” money, re kt yellow can raise the economic status of every Polish family. Many persons ó b, however, examines the question of 500+ more depth.

A few words about 500+

A few words about 500+

Program from the beginning had zar ó ó supporter of the NCE, and fervent opponent in bed for agri cultural kt yellow was just a populist movement Law and Justice. Those kt yellow WHO opposed the introduction of the Act, they argued among other things that will come to the numerous abuses esp bed lności receive the allowance, kt yellow’re not really be spent on the child.

Meanwhile, so far the 500+ program has a positive impact on the household budget of many households, and thus – on the country’s economy. Large families no longer have to worry about the sudden lack of money for life, rent or food. Many of them can not afford even a holiday trip to the colony school or buying a gift for the holiday in bed. Of course, occasionally there is a situation where parents allocate funds for their own needs. However, you cannot generalize and measure all of them by measure.

Who is the support for?


The government benefits in the amount of PLN 500 a month old can Æ parents and caregivers of children under the age of 18 are entitled to money for the second and each subsequent child in the family. It does not matter the amount of income, place of work, or even the age of the child status in the parent bed.

Aid should be further foster families, and family orphanages. It is worth recalling that many farms also have a chance to receive funds for the first child. It is possible in this case no bed when the bed doch d per family member is less than $ 800 on hand.

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