Express Consumption Credit

Express credit is the solution to consider in terms of financial urgency. However, we must pay attention to its terms of repayment.

Express credit is the solution to consider in terms of financial urgency. An imponderable? A wedding or holiday project? Need to buy a car or appliances quickly? In the event of an unforeseen event that your budget can not cover, if the need is urgent, you will always be able to request an express credit.


This credit solution can be requested from a bank or credit institution.

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The express credit is, most of the time, via an online subscription which is, as its name suggests, very fast. As with any credit application, if an application is rejected by a credit institution, it can still be requested from another organization that may accept it. Indeed, each credit institution has its own acceptance criteria.

The express credit concerns loans up to 21500 € maximum. For information, there is no real estate loan, they are only consumer credit. The repayment of a consumer credit is for a period of 1 year minimum. Depending on the amount borrowed and the monthly payments, the maximum duration of repayment of the express credit may be spread over 5 to 7 years. Namely, the more the amounts of monthly payments defined will be low, the higher the chances of acceptance of demand will be high.

Express credit is a short-term solution, open to everyone, in all socio-professional categories. In all cases, especially when it is an express credit, it is important to pay attention to the conditions of repayment of it.


Find the ideal express credit?

express credit

Just because express credit is accessible to everyone does not mean it’s the same for everyone. Indeed, the ideal express credit will be different depending on the needs of each. This effectively depends on the borrower’s financial situation and the purpose of the loan. Of course, the credits proposed and accepted will not be the same if the borrower has low or high incomes, or if it is filed with the Bank.

In any credit application, it is necessary to indicate to the organization requested what your income since, among other things, the amount borrowed will depend on it. It will therefore be necessary to inform your regular income (payroll, tax bill, etc.) but it will also be recommended to indicate if you have other loans in progress since good faith is here essential. Certainly, having a loan in progress may create a risk of refusal for the credit application, but these risks can be offset if you indicate that you have other sources of income.

As a consumer credit, express credit can exist in many forms. In order for the request to be made and accepted as quickly as possible, the credits proposed will be mainly credits without proof: A personal loan (for a one-time cash requirement) or a revolving credit (to have funds that are renewed automatically depending on the repayments made). A loan without proof means that the borrower has no obligation to justify what the money will be for.
Below is the list of benefits of a credit without proof:

  • Saving time: For example, a personal loan can be put in place within a minimum of 7 days (legal obligation of 7 days of treatment).
  • Respect for privacy
  • Fixed repayment terms
  • The ability to keep your bank even if the loan is made from another organization
  • A large enough freedom of choice in the implementation of the monthly payments with in particular the choice of the date of sampling.


Fast credit and without justification will necessarily result in a higher interest rate.

Fast credit and without justification will necessarily result in a higher interest rate.

In addition, it is important to note that, in the context of an express credit, it is up to the applicant to verify his ability to repay. Although express credit is a quick step, it is still important to take your time to choose the loan you are going to subscribe to to ensure that your income is sufficient to cover the monthly payments. It will be better to use a consultant or go through a comparator of bank loans to choose the express credit that suits you best. top

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