Free payday loans: what do you need to know about them?

Solutions such as free payday loans have already appeared in the native landscape of the loan sector. However, despite the growing popularity of ‘loans for free’, practice shows that customers are very often still unaware of the basic mechanism of this type of loans.

So what is the most important thing to know about the free loan offer that some current lending institutions present? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Today’s free payday loans: the most important information

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As mentioned

some of the loan institutions currently operating on the Polish market offer their clients the option of incurring their first commitment according to promotional costs meaning APRC at 0%. Note the term “promotional expenses” because it indicates a very important fact, that the free chwilówki always and without exception are part of a promotional offer. The possibility of using the promotion will therefore be subject to compliance with the promotional regulations. From the customer’s perspective, this means above all the obligation to repay the loan before the maturity date of the liability, i.e. simply before the date indicated in the contract as the repayment date.


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In the case of free payday loans, the procedure for submitting a loan application most often boils down to merely providing the customer with their personal data and declaring monthly income. So, as you can see, free payday loans are often also available to, for example, clients working under specific work contracts. However, some loan companies may require us to provide additional documentation, such as an income certificate. However, these are not common cases in the realities of today’s loan market.

It should also be borne in mind that the decision to grant a loan will depend on several factors. First and foremost, complete and complete the loan application with all required details. Another important factor that will influence the lender’s decision is, of course, our credit history. Bad history in BIK or in the databases of Economic Information Bureaus with a high degree of certainty will cause that the loan application will be rejected.

In what situations can a loan company reject an application for a free loan?

First of all, only some of the loan institutions operating in Poland have a free loan offer. So, if a given institution, as a rule, grants loans only then, according to the standard cost table – applying for a loan from the APRC 0% is obviously pointless.

In some cases

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the loan application may require additional documentation. It depends on the policy the company has in this area, and sometimes also on the result of the assessment of the customer’s creditworthiness. Most often, additional documents will be required from us when the lender has problems verifying our financial situation or if the data provided by us in the application does not match the information that the company managed to obtain about us. If, in such a situation, we do not provide the documentation requested by the lender, our application will, of course, be canceled.

In addition, the 0% APR loan offer is generally targeted at new customers. It means that if you’ve ever used the services of a given lender, the promotion will almost certainly not be available to us.

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