How do you deceive yourself about things related to money?

Money and financial affairs are often the industry in which you can lie quite easily, because it seems to you that everything is fine with your finances, but in reality you are in debt and mislead yourself about different things. Of course, it is not always quite true to know what your good condition is, but often people do not want to find out what their real monetary situation is and simply hide it. That is why today we will look at some things that people usually lie to themselves:


Buying a New Car

Buying a New Car

People often stumble upon themselves and try to tell themselves that they need to buy a new car even if the financial situation does not allow it, and the value of this car also falls so fast that after a year or two, much of this values ​​will be lost. A new car usually costs a lot more than a few-year-old car, not to mention a car that is 7 or more years old, because then such a car will be less than 50% of the value of the new car. Literally as soon as you buy this new car in the first few days it will lose 20% of the value and in the first few years already disappear 30% – 40% of the value.


Insufficient savings

Insufficient savings

Making savings for both the near future and the future is a serious process, and while people who have already started to collect on time are in a much better position than those who have no savings at all, it is often the case that when looking at the actual savings volumes, we have to conclude. that people are too optimistic and think they have enough savings. There are various crises and situations in life and we will not talk about old age when money will have to be spent on daily spending and as the average life expectancy often only increases, the money that was once sufficient to retire early is not enough.


Volume of credits

car loan

Also, loans often tell people that any amount of money owed to someone is not good and, especially, when the debt is tens of thousands, as is the case with study loans and mortgage loans. The credit should be as a short-term choice, until a better financial situation occurs, and then the credit should be repaid as soon as possible and savings made, rather than taking on new and new SMS credits and deceiving yourself.

Every one of us has never even been able to reveal itself about its financial situation, and these three things are the most common among these lies, and especially this credit and the amount of credit, because no one who owes big amounts can be sure of his own. the future and live peacefully without worrying about this big debt!

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