How to secure a loan online some basic rules

There is no doubt that borrowing money online is one of the most popular ways to get an extra cash injection today. The demand for this type of services in Poland is growing systematically at a rate of about 30 percent. annually.

Not surprisingly, there are more and more entities tempting consumers with “cheap” and fast online loans . It is not difficult to make a financial commitment on the Internet, all the snag is to do it safely.

The specificity of online loans


An online loan is a specific form of obtaining money that is based on a completely remote application process , and therefore without direct contact between the borrower and the loan company. This situation means that we should be extremely careful when applying for an online loan.

Secure online borrowing requires only a few minutes of free time and patience. Good preparation is the key to success. When choosing an online loan, you should first of all choose a trustworthy loan company , such as the Marchmain family, as well as accurately estimate the amount and time of repayment of the liability with your own financial capabilities. Let’s remember that every loan must be paid back sooner or later.

Website quality and content

Website quality and content

When choosing a specific company, pay attention to the appearance and content of its website. Sites with poor workmanship, which look as if they were created in a hurry and on the proverbial “knee”, should alert us. A reliable company should put on your website all the necessary contact details and direct contact with the lender.

We need to know who we borrow from and who we share our personal data with. The loan company should have an individual REGON and be registered in the National Court Register (KRS). In addition, the lender’s website should be encrypted with an SSL certificate.

Additional verification

Additional verification

In most cases, online lending companies require customers to make a symbolic transfer from a private account to complete the verification stage of the potential borrower. Usually it is an amount of 1 groszy, 10 grosze or 1 PLN.

In the event that the company requests an additional, much higher fee, we can be sure that we are dealing with an extortion attempt and better to resign from the services of such an entity.

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