Loan buyback: what are the charges and additional income

In a study of loan repurchase request, the lender in charge of analyzing the financial situation of the borrower (s) must, in order to do well, evaluate the income and expenses of the file in order to determine whether it exists. 

Credit buy-back: household expenses

Credit buy-back: household expenses

Among the financial charges to be retained in a loan repurchase case, there is the rent, the latter may have the particularity of being a rental charge or a benefit in kind as being housed employer, but also by lodging administration, or any simply the charge of a monthly mortgage loan for first-time buyers.

Then comes the charge of retained credits. Then, for the purpose of calculating the debt ratio, the monthly charges for depreciable type consumer loans are used and the proposed rate of redemption is higher than the current ones.

For divorced or separated persons with one or more young children who are responsible for one of the parents, then the second parent will have to pay a pension payment. food. The latter is taken into account for the calculation of the household debt ratio. Or the payment of a compensatory allowance after judgment.

In the case of a purchase of consumer credit and the monthly payment of a mortgage is to support throughout the restructuring period, then, it is also necessary to count the cost of insurance coverage borrowed expressed by a tarf monthly to pay.

Loan purchase: complementary income

Loan purchase: complementary income

The additional income taken into account for a loan buy-back operation are the property income excluding rental charges, but also the income paid by the allowance fund which includes family allowances and the child allowanceand complementary free choice of activity accompanied by the family supplement.

There are also disability pensions and disabled adult allowance or the special old-age allowance.

Finally, there is the parental leave income when a return to work is attested by the employer, the alimony taken into account for minor children or aged 14 years or less.

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