Hyderabad: three people arrested for murder of money lender

Hours after a man was stabbed and clubbed to death in the general public late Sunday night, three people were arrested Monday by Cyberabad police.

Mohammed Khaleel, a real estate agent who has also loaned people money, was chased and killed instantly by the three defendants at around 11:45 p.m. Sunday in Rajendranagar even as passersby filmed the turn of events.

Police arrested Shaik Rasheed (29), chef and restaurant owner in Rajendranagar, and his two co-chefs Mohammed Azmath (28) and Syed Imran (27).

Speaking to the media, DCP Shamshabad N Prakash Reddy said Rasheed borrowed around Rs 15 lakh from the deceased before the COVID-19 lockdown for the renovation of his hotel. He had paid an amount of interest every month to Khaleel even when the restaurant was closed and ended up taking on more debt.

To clear all his debts, Rasheed approached Khaleel with a request for another loan of Rs 50 lakh. In return, Khaleel insisted that Rasheed hand over the restaurant to him until the full amount of the debt was settled. As Rasheed refused the deal, Khaleel began to pressure him to repay his loan, he said.

Frustrated with Khaleel’s attitude, Rasheed decided to eliminate him. His two employees agreed to help Rasheed with the plan, police said. On Sunday afternoon, when Khaleel went to the restaurant to ask for the loan to be repaid, Rasheed asked for time until evening.

In the evening, as Khaleel spoke to Rasheed, the other two defendants attacked him from behind, police said. As an injured Khaleel ran for his life, the three defendants chased him. With cement blocks, knives and sticks they brought, they killed him instantly and then fled in the deceased’s Honda Active. Police tracked them down within hours and recovered the weapons and vehicles used in the murder.

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