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Saint Louis City Hall.

Appointments can now be made if you need help applying for the City of St. Louis Direct Cash Assistance Program. The city, United Way of Greater St. Louis, and the St. Louis Treasurer’s Office have partnered to offer the clinic.

Direct cash assistance was a key part of Jones’ plan for federal relief funds, but there was contention over the plan this summer. The board of aldermen back and forth on payments but ultimately passed the first round of funds, allowing about 9,300 St. Louis residents to receive $500.

The event will be held at the St. Louis Community College – Forest Park Student Center at 5600 Oakland Avenue for those without internet access, people with disabilities and seniors on December 18 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“Assistance from this program will help many families and residents of the city, and we want to make sure that we remove as many barriers as possible so that everyone who qualifies has the opportunity to apply for this direct financial assistance,” said said treasurer Adam Layne in a press release. Release. “This event aims to ensure that vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, people with disabilities and those without internet, can access and complete their applications.”

Layne added that the city is urging other residents who have internet access to complete their application online.

Appointments will be for 30 minute time slots. There are up to 720 slots available, and residents who need an appointment must meet all eligibility requirements and bring required documents.

The requirements are that St. Louis residents must be 80% or less of the Area median income and suffered a loss of revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Applicants must also submit proof of residency twelve months prior to the application date. See the full list of requirements at

Masks are mandatory and offices will be disinfected between appointments. Call 1-866-948-3742 to make an appointment; walk-in visits are not encouraged. Appointments can be made until December 17.

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