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NEWARK, NJ, Aug 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – BOSS Revolution Money, the U.S.-based international money transfer service of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT), has partnered with PRISM Transfer, a Haitian money transfer company, to dramatically expand payment options by Haiti. The partnership gives BOSS Revolution clients more disbursement options when they send money to friends, family and loved ones in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake and flooding that followed Tropical Storm Grace .

Through this collaboration, PRISM Transfer customers can immediately collect remittances at Fonkoze sites and MonCash customers can authorize PRISM Transfer to deposit remittances directly to their mobile wallets when they receive remittances. via BOSS Revolution.

“We are adding flexibility to BOSS Revolution Money clients who wish to help their family and friends in Haiti by providing important new ways for recipients to get money quickly and securely,” said Alfredo O’Hagan , SVP of IDT for payments to consumers. “Our partnership with PRISM Transfer enables direct cash transfers to recipients in the country and cash withdrawals at over 40 Fonkoze branches. “

Until August 31, 2021, BOSS Revolution remittances of up to $ 150 to registered full MonCash wallets and Fonkoze offices across Haiti cost only $ 1.00 when initiated from within. BOSS Revolution Money app or website using a debit card, and start at $ 5.00 when launched through a BOSS. Revolution Money Retail Agent. Customers who send money through retail agents receive a $ 1.00 rebate when they use promo code HAITI1 through September 30, 2021.

“Through our partnership with Boss Revolution Money, MonCash customers have the ability to authorize PRISM Transfer to process payment directly to their wallet, providing them with the utmost security and convenience. In addition, it offers traditional money withdrawal through Fonkoze, which makes money transfers faster than ever for our customers in Haiti, ”said Adriana Pirela, Marketing Director of PRISM Holdings, the parent company of PRISM Transfer. . “We know how important it is for the diaspora to be able to send money to family and friends in Haiti and we wanted to make this process as transparent as possible and provide as many options for clients in Haiti and for abroad. “

New users of the BOSS Revolution Money app (free at App Store and google play) pay no fees on any transfer up to $ 300.

BOSS Revolution money transfer services are also available online or at any BOSS Revolution Money retailer.

About IDT Corporation:

IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT) is a global provider of financial technology, cloud communications, and traditional communications services. We make it easier for families to connect, support and share across international borders. We also enable businesses to transact and communicate with their customers with enhanced intelligence and insight.

Our BOSS Revolution Mark money transfer and international calling services make sending money and chatting with friends and family around the world convenient and reliable. National Retail SolutionsThe Point of Sale (NRS) Retail Network enables independent retailers to operate and process transactions more efficiently while providing advertisers and consumer marketers unprecedented reach into poor consumer markets. served. net2phoneUnified Communications as a Service solution provides businesses with intelligently integrated cloud communication and collaboration solutions across all channels and devices. Our IDT carrier services and IDT Express Wholesale offerings allow communications companies to provide and manage international voice and SMS services.

About PRISM Tto transfer

PRISM Transfer offers the fastest way to receive money in Haiti. The company connects loved ones in different places by enabling international money transfers, so funds go to what matters most. In doing so, the goal is to shorten distances and create more ways to exchange funds in a convenient, secure and easier way for clients. Prism Transfer operates with sub-agents in Haiti to facilitate security and convenience. The sub-agents in turn represent the level of quality of service and commercial activity that PRISM Transfer aims to offer.

On PRISM Transfer sub-agents

MonCash, a mobile money service, has been contributing to Haiti’s financial ecosystem since 2015 and is currently the best and easiest service for Haitians to conduct their daily transactions. The mobile money service has approximately 1.9 million customers with more than 4,000 authorized agents across the country.

Fonkoze is a family of organizations that work together to provide financial and non-financial services that empower Haitians – mostly women – to lift their families out of poverty. Among its full range of financial services offered nationwide (primarily in rural areas), personal remittances are critical to contributing to the Haitian economy. Fonkoze processed $ 35 million in money transfers (322,035 transactions) on an annual basis. The other basic services are loans, foreign exchange and payroll management.

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