Germany-based online lending provider iwoca has partnered with eBay to launch the eBay financing solution Flexi-Kapital.


Germany-based online lending provider iwoca has partnered with eBay to launch the eBay financing solution Flexi-Kapital.

iwoca aims to improve access to credit for the self-employed and small businesses. Since its creation, the company has provided more than 70,000 SMEs with access to credit. The new solution gives online retailers direct access to short-term working capital loans ranging from €2,500 to €1 million on the eBay marketplace.

The majority of credit approvals are automated and real-time, meaning merchants can typically have funds available within 24 hours of request. Instead of interest, eBay sellers pay a one-time flat fee. Loan repayments are flexible as they are tied to sales on the eBay platform. This means that less has to be repaid in months with lower sales. Credit can be increased flexibly to respond to changes or fluctuations in demand.

There is an urgent need to improve financing conditions for wholesalers and retailers

According to data from iwoca, in Germany, the need for financing offers is higher than the average for distribution companies in a sectoral comparison. Almost a third of wholesalers and retailers (31%) said they would have been able to run their business better in the 12 months preceding the survey if they had had faster and easier access to loans.

Across all sectors, only 2 out of 10 respondents said so. More than a third of traders (36%) also believe that it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain credit from a traditional bank. The average for all sectors is only 19%. Compared to other sectors, a higher proportion of small business owners in wholesale and retail trade also agree that politicians should work to improve financing conditions for small businesses and the self-employed (36% versus 24% in mean).

eBay Flexi Capital supports eBay retail

The partnership between eBay and iwoca therefore makes it easier for merchants in Germany to access financing and grow their business in the marketplace. For example, merchants can increase their sales by investing in additional inventory to carry a product during times of supply chain difficulties.

eBay Marketplace end customers also benefit from increased product availability. For the new eBay Flexi-Kapital offer, the fintech iwoca provides its credit financing infrastructure and internally covers the entire value chain. Commercial sellers on eBay can apply for and receive funding directly from the Seller Portal.


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