Harassment of money lender drives technician to suicide in Kismatpur


Hyderabad: P. Sunil (29), killed himself under pressure from online loan sharks. An employee of Kismatpur software from Rajendranagar who suffered due to the pandemic. Due to the confinement, he lost his job and found himself without money. To help himself with the daily payments, he took out a loan from an online application and unable to bear the pressure, he ended up committing suicide on December 16.

Sunil was found hanged at his home in Kismatpur. According to Inspector Rajendranagar G Suresh, the software engineer was in crisis as he lost his job and did not have enough money. In a desperate attempt to move on with his life, he trusted the online money lending app. He downloaded an application from the Play Store in order to take out a loan. He expected to repay the loan after finding a job, but to no avail. Desperate to repay his first loan, he kept downloading other money-lending apps and taking out small loans. He ended up taking out other loans while trying to pay off the first one.

The inspector said that “as the pressure increased on him to repay the first loan, he took further loans, the total debt amounting to around Rs 2 lakh”.

According to reports, enforcement executives and lenders have not only called him, but also his parents and relatives. With the terms and conditions of the app, Sunil ended up giving access to the contact list on his phone. This is how the leaders of the application also had the number of his family members. There would be several calls in a day and many of them were also threatening calls.

“With constant calls and messages, sometimes abusive and threatening, he was depressed. Although he got a job recently, he did not commit to it,” the inspector added. Due to endless appeals and pressure from the enforcement executives, he ended up committing suicide.

Relatives who found him hanged in his house then transported Sunil to the nearest hospital, but there he was pronounced dead. The family are now taking the body to their hometown of Guntur. The family did not say anything about the loans and harassment, this information was discovered by the police during the investigation. The case is currently being investigated alongside the Cybercrime Unit.


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