Lucknow: 26-year-old commits suicide after lender forcibly takes his motorcycle



Man committed suicide in Lucknow because of harassment [Representative image]| Photo credit: iStock images


  • The mother of the man who died today accused four moneylenders of encouraging his suicide
  • She said one of the lenders forcibly took her son’s motorcycle, after which he was disturbed

Lucknow: A 26-year-old man allegedly committed suicide by consuming a toxic substance after being harassed by money lenders. The incident took place in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh on Thursday evening.

Mother of deceased man accuses loan sharks of promoting suicide

The deceased was identified as Prince Sonkar, a resident of the locality of Nishatganj. After his suicide, his mother Jyoti approached the Mahanagar police station and filed a complaint against the accused. She said that four money lenders – Raja Babu Sonkar, Ravi Sonkar, Simran Sonkar and Deepak Kashyap pushed her son to take an extreme step because they harassed him. She said Prince had borrowed 50,000 to 60,000 rupees from them. He had repaid the money with full interest, but they continued to pressure him to pay more money, saying the loan money was not yet repaid.

The complainant said her son was stressed because the defendants constantly harassed him. She added that Deepak Kashyap forcibly took his motorcycle a few days ago, after which he was disturbed and committed suicide, according to a report by Times of India.

Based on Jyoti’s complaint, the police convicted the accused of incitement to suicide and theft. Deputy Police Commissioner (North) Shalini said an investigation has been opened into the case.

Another incident

In another incident, a transsexual, identified as Sabina (19), allegedly ended her life at her residence in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, after cops seized her two-wheeler last month. Sabina, after noticing cops, parked the vehicle on the side of the road near the Valluvar Kottam junction and drove away. When the patrollers noticed the unattended vehicle, they took it to the police station.

Later, Sabina went to the police station to pick up her two-wheeler. The cops refused to return it because she did not have the vehicle papers. She then returned home and hanged herself.



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