Money lender arrested for instigating murder of 23-year-old in Kondhwa



Cops say the student trio who threw the victim from a building were being used as a salvage agent by the last accused

Just over a week after a 23-year-old was thrown from a building in Kondhwa by three engineers students in an attempt to recover a loan he could not repay, the cops have stopped a fourth person in the case as of this week.

Suhas Money Lender Dhandekar (pictured) was arrested by Kondhwa police on Tuesday and brought to court on Wednesday, where he was taken into custody until March 22.

On March 10, Kondhwa cops arrested three defendants – Abhinav Jadhav, Akshay Gorday and Tejas Gujar – for murder from Sagar Chilewari on the same day.

During the investigation, it emerged that Dhandekar – the person who loaned Chilewari money in the first place – instigated the accused to collect the loan for him and, after the murder, also assisted them in hiding evidence.

The investigation revealed that Dhandekar loaned Chilewari 15,000 rupees with interest three months ago, which he was due to return this month. Chilewari lived in a rented room in Kondhwa with two of the accused, while the third was in their circle of friends and a regular visitor.

When Chilewari could not repay the loan due to lack of jobs, Dhandekar told the trio to get the money back under any condition. He had used them for salvage work on and off, and did so along with several others as well. Dhandekar also used to regularly grant loans with interest to students.

Cops said that when Chilewari was murdered, Dhandekar helped the trio escape the area and also hid the bicycle used in the crime. Police Inspector Mahadev Kumbhar from Kondhwa Police Station told the Mirror: “Dhandekar used to lend money to students with interest and also used students to collect it. The three defendants are doing salvage work for Dhandekar. The investigation revealed that Dhandekar was involved in concealing evidence in the murder case. A complaint was registered against him under articles 109 (penalty of complicity if the act encouraged is committed as a result and when no express sanction is provided) and 201 (causing the disappearance of evidence of the offense) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).



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