Money lender in police net for murder of man in Kondhwa apartment | Pune News



PUNE: Kondhwa police on Wednesday arrested a moneylender, Suhas Sharad Dandekar, on charges of instigating the murder of a 23-year-old man, who was thrown into an open conduit from the 11th floor apartment in ‘a company building by three engineering students on March 10.
Kondhwa Police Inspector Mahadeo Kumbhar told TOI: “Dandekar (30) from Kondhwa Budruk gave 15,000 rupees to Abhinav Jadhav, one of the three arrested students, for loaning the amount to the victim. , Sagar Chelwari, at an interest rate of 10%. per year.”
He said: “As Sagar did not repay the loan, Dandekar made Jadhav treat him harshly. He also told his friend to recover the motorcycle used in the crime for hiding it in an undisclosed location.
Police previously arrested engineering students Jadhav, Akshay Gorde and Tejas Gujar on charges of assaulting and murdering Sagar by throwing him into an open conduit on the 11th floor of the Kul Utsav Company on Pisoli Road near Khadi Machine Chowk towards 2:45 am. March 10.
The trio reported themselves to Khadi Machine’s police chowkey and admitted their involvement in the crime. Omkar Chandrakant Yenpure, a security guard from the Pune Municipal Corporation neighborhood adjacent to the company, saw the suspects assault the victim and recorded an FIR.
Dandekar’s role in the crime surfaced during custody interrogation of Jadhav, Inspector Kumbhar said: “He will be in custody until March 22. Investigations revealed that Dandekar illegally ran a money-lending business. He had previously given loans to engineering students by mortgaging their valuables, ”the officer said.
Police obtained Dandekar’s bank statement, gathered technical evidence, and recovered the motorcycle used in the crime. He was arrested under Articles 109 (encouragement) and 201 (cause of disappearance of evidence) of the Indian Penal Code.
“Kondhwa police arrested Dandekar in a bodily offense case in 2015. We are questioning him to find out who else he loaned to,” Kumbhar said.



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