Money lender who “assaulted” hairdresser owner in Vadodara booked



Vadodara police on Friday hired a local lender for allegedly kidnapping and threatening to kill a barber shop owner. According to the complaint filed by the owner of the hairdressing salon, Kishore Shinde, he had taken out a loan of Rs 3 lakh from the accused and had already repaid more than Rs 10 lakh to the accused in several installments from 2017. However, the defendant, Prakash Patel, on Thursday allegedly assaulted Shinde, demanding to hand over the barber shop to him in lieu of the principal amount outstanding on the loan.

In a complaint filed at Navapura Police Station on Thursday evening, the accused and an accomplice entered Shinde’s barber shop in the town’s Shiyabaug neighborhood, demanding the keys to the store so they could keep the store. property in lieu of the principal due. by the complainant.

“The complainant borrowed money from the accused at an interest rate of 10% per month and paid installments of 30,000 rupees each month, for a total amount of 10.37 rupees. Subsequently, the complainant stopped paying the installments, stating that he did not have the money to pay. However, the lender claimed that the money paid so far was only the interest accrued on the principal amount and that the said principal amount was unpaid, ”he said. Shinde had borrowed the money to pay for her apartment registration in 2017.

On Thursday, the accused and his accomplice allegedly abducted the complainant and took him to a house in the old town, where they assaulted him and threatened him with a knife to hand over the store to them. Shinde also said Patel stuck a knife in her stomach. Shinde suffered neck injuries, according to the complaint.

Police opened an investigation into the case and reserved Patel under Articles 323 (assault), 324 (assault with a weapon), 348 (wrongful confinement), 364 (kidnapping) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), 504, 506 ( criminal intimidation).



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