Nagpur: money lender, his wife was sentenced for “scandalous modesty” of a farmer’s wife



A money lender and his wife were convicted of allegedly insulting the modesty of a farmer’s wife in a village in Nagpur district on June 20, following an old dispute over the repayment of the money borrowed by the farmer.

“The money lender was arrested on Wednesday after the farmer filed a complaint two days after the incident,” a police officer told The Indian Express.

He said: “According to the complainant farmer, in 2017 he needed money for his farm. So, he approached the money lender through a friend and borrowed Rs 2 lakh with an interest rate of 3 percent per annum. However, he was unable to return the money. Thus, two years ago, the lender would have called him to have the land mortgaged in his name. The farmer agreed, but instead of mortgaging the land, the lender would have it registered in his name. The farmer, however, continued to cultivate the land. He also told the police that he went to return the money, but the lender refused to take it.

“On June 20, while the farmer and his wife were on their farm, the moneylender and his wife arrived and started arguing. They asked the two to leave the farm which they claimed was now theirs. In the scuffle, the wife of the money lender took off the sari from the farmer’s wife, ”the inspector said.

“… We registered a violation and arrested the money lender on Wednesday. We are also going to arrest his wife… ”, added the officer.

Meanwhile, a video of the incident also went viral.



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