New Mexico extends deadline to request direct cash payments of $500 and $1,000


A new deadline applies to people who have not filed a tax return

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – If you haven’t filed a tax return and still want to collect between $500 and $1,000 in tax refunds or economic assistance payments from the state of New -Mexico, you have approximately ten additional days to apply. The State Department of Taxes and Revenue announced an extension of the deadline for non-filers on Wednesday, pushing the new deadline to June 10.

The new deadline is important for those who have not filed taxes and have not yet applied for direct state cash assistance. The money comes from a special one-day legislative session on April 4, in which lawmakers and the governor passed a bill pushing back direct payments to filers and non-filers statewide to cope with high gasoline prices and inflationary pressure.

Payments are provided in two installments of $250 for individuals and in two installments of $500 for joint filers or “households”. The first round of payments began in mid-May, while the second is expected in August.

For those who have filed taxes, payments are mostly automatic. However, non-filers now have until 5 p.m. MDT on June 10, 2022 to submit documents to the Department of Taxes and Revenue and the Department of Human Services.

The state says about $1.9 in unclaimed direct assistance remains available to non-filers. About $18.1 million in relief payments have already been approved for people who filed as non-taxfilers

Applications from non-filers who want an economic relief payment should be submitted online through the New Mexico Department of Human Services. “Yes NM” website at

The state warns that applications may be closed before June 10, if available funds run out. Payments are available to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.

People who have already filed their 2021 taxes don’t need to do much, and chances are they’ve already received the first payment from the state. According to the state, single filers using direct deposit already began receiving initial payments of $250 around May 18, while joint filers began receiving initial payments of $500 later in the week.

Meanwhile, paper checks for another 200,000 taxpayers began to be sent in late May. Again, the second round of payments will begin to be paid out in August.

“There’s still time for New Mexicans who aren’t filing taxes to apply for a relief payment,” said Stephanie Schardin Clarke, secretary of the New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue. “But even if someone is unable to file in time, they will still have the option of filing a 2021 personal income tax return until May 2023.”


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