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SARLAHI, September 23: Shaym Krishna Sah Kalawar, better known as “Shyam Pardeshi”, who was arrested on September 1 by police for defrauding hundreds of poor people in Sarlahi underwent the polygraph test. Sarlahi police conducted a polygraph test on a 56-year-old resident of Malangawa on Monday.

“He was accused by hundreds of poor people of fraud. But he denied the charges. As part of the investigation, he took the polygraph test on Monday,” said SP Gopal Chandra Bhattarai, head of the police station of the Sarlahi district. “The result of the polygraph test will guide us for further investigation,” he added.

Although locals raised their voices against him even earlier, it only gained attention before September 1, when they contacted mainstream media in Kathamndu. As their stories made headlines in almost every major print and electronic media outlet, Kalawar’s long-standing influence in his community suddenly collapsed. The police arrested him and intensified the investigation. About 300 people said they were forced to be displaced because he forged documents, making them pay much more for the loans they had taken out. He was also indicted by women for sexually assaulting them, “because he would not fear anyone”.

“There are dozens of families who denounce his actions. We arrested him on the basis of the complaint filed by a certain Rukmani Chaudhari from Lalbandi municipality – 4 then, ”Bhattarai said. “We have carefully examined all aspects of this case,” he added.

In his letter of complaint Chaudhari said she took 450,000 Rs from Kalawar and even after paying 900,000 Rs he was not happy.

“I took 450,000 Rs and paid 900,000 Rs. Then he said I still have to pay him a million and a half rupees,” she lamented, adding that Kalawar had instead threatened to file a complaint against her. and her husband.

According to SP Bhattarai, the police investigated money laundering in the Kalawar case.



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