Stop acting like a money lender, give money instead of loans: Rahul tells Modi government



NEW DELHI: Calling the economic package announced by the Center to deal with the woes of the lockdown as a mere “loan package”, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday called on Prime Minister Modi to reconsider the contours of the stimulus package by distributing direct money to the poor, especially migrant workers and farmers.

Speaking to the media by video conference, Gandhi said: “Today our poor need money, I ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reconsider this package. He should consider direct bank transfer, MGNREGA for 200 days and money directly to farmers because these people are our future, ”said the congressman.

On direct income transfer, he asked: “Extend ‘income support’ to at least 13 million poorest households. Transfer 7,500 rupees preferably to each household. Even if 5,000 rupees are transferred to each of the 13 million rupees households, this will amount to a total of only 65,000 rupees, which we can afford ”.

He argued that instead of announcing “a package of loans”, the government must recognize that “the migrant worker walking the streets needs money, not debt. The farmer who suffers needs money, not debt ”.

Increasing purchasing power, he said, is the need of the moment and for that, the government must distribute direct cash transfers to the poor. Gandhi advised the government not to restrict spending believing that the international credit agency would not approve such a tax approach. After all, he added, “it is these poor workers and farmers who are building our future and the rating of our country.”

The congressman warned the Center of a “catastrophic” economic problem and a “storm” if adequate liquidity was not put directly into the hands of poor segments of society.

“Boosting demand, an adequate economic package for MSMEs” were also among the measures demanded by Gandhi to meet the economic challenges.

On what Congress did specifically to help the poor, Gandhi cited how his party units in the state had offered monetary aid to facilitate the trial trip for migrant workers and how the state governments led by Congress reached out to the poor. “Our government in Chattisgarh gives money to the poor,” he said.

Whether to lift the lock. Gandhi said: “We will have to lift the lock … but lift the lock very, very carefully, especially making sure that all measures are taken to protect the elderly and other vulnerable sections like those with heart and lung problems”, and a added: “Except for hotspots, retail supply chains should be re-established. This will relieve around 7 crore of traders across India”

Asked about the Kerala government’s best handling of the Covid-19, Gandhi, whose constituency of Wayanad LS is owned by the southern state, attributed Kerala’s success to “traditional health infrastructure” and said that the credit goes “to both the UDF and the LDF, and more.” to the people of Kerala.



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